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Ad Partner Benefits

50K+ Unique Monthly Visitors

Unlike other advertising platforms, when you partner with VRS you are guaranteed to reach over 1,500 highly targeted local web users daily!


Multi-Million Video Views

VRS videos have been viewed over 1 million times. Our video channels include YouTube, Facebook, and Periscope.

90 Day Campaigns

You Have access to our professional ad agency to help design the best 90-day campaign focusing on conversions for your business. 

No Contracts & Exclusivity

With VRS there are no contracts. You also get total exclusivity! meaning we will not allow another advertiser to partner with us if they are in a similar industry.

Multi-Channel & Multimedia

VRS uses multiple channels to reach our user base: website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more. Because we use multimedia through multiple channels we reach the end user via the medium they consume their content on.

Pro Ad Agency Collaboration

Our professional ad agency (Digital Brick) will collaborate with you to design the most effective 90-day campaign. This ensures you are getting the biggest return on your investment (ROI).


All of our videos are made with at least one VFL (former player). The VFL team member will plug your video sponsorship, reading your offer and business at the beginning and end of each pre-recorded video and every 20 minutes for live stream videos.

Billy Ratliff

Billy Ratliff

VFL #40

As a former defensive tackle at the University of Tennessee. He is famous for causing and recovering the miracle “Stoerner Fumble,” which saved the Volunteers’ crucial match-up against the Arkansas Razorbacks in 1998.

Jarnell Stokes

Jarnell Stokes

VFL #5

Stokes was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2014 NBA draft by the Grizzlies after majoring in communications at the University of Tennessee. He also played for the Nuggets and Heat.

Fred White

Fred White

VFL #2

Fred White played safety at Tennessee from 1995-99, and was a part of two SEC titles and a national championship in 98′.

Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson

VFL #35

As linebacker for the Volunteers from 1995-99, Shawn was part of two SEC titles and the 98′ team. He now is a professional artist, and his works are available at shawnjohnsonart.com.
Rico Mccoy

Rico Mccoy

VFL #5

McCoy finished his college career with 344 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 interception, and 8 forced fumbles and earned second team ALL-SEC honours as a junior and senior.

Alexis Hornbuckle

Alexis Hornbuckle

LVFL #14

Former Tennessee Lady Vol stand out guard, current All-Time Steals Leader, and one of Pat Summitt’s Top 10 Players of All-Time, she was also able to walk away as a 2x NCAA Champion.

Jaimel Johnson

Jaimel Johnson


Johnson was a 3-year starter at the University of Tennessee where she was an NSCAA All-American and 3-time All-SEC 1st Team honoree. She earned a degree in Sport Management with a minor in Business.

Ron Slay

Ron Slay

VFL #35

Ron Slay played power forward for Tennessee from 1999-2003 and was named Associated Press Southeastern Conference Player of the Year.

90 Day Campaigns

The following elements are part of the 90-Day campaign. They are Offer Page, Video Sponsorships, Website Display Ads, Social Media Blasts, Email Blasts, and much more.

Offer Page

Digital Brick will help you create an offer page housed on Volunteer Roadshow’s website. They will colaborate with you to create the most effective conversion (offer) for your business and industry. 

Your Offer Page is Perfect for Accomplishing:

for Selling A Product

for Gaining New Customers

to Grow Your Marketing List

to Promote an Offer

for Collecting Leads

to Push Instore Traffic

Data Collection

Your offer page is all about colleting current, new, or prospective customers.  We design custom forms and fields to collect the exact information that is most valuable to your business.

Pricing Tables

Your offer page can include pricing tables with direct links to your preferred payment processing platform to capture sales or to sell a product or products directly from your offer.

Split Testing

Your offer page can always be improving, this is why our partners at Digital Brick will A/B split test a variety of elements for your entire 90-Day campaign.

VOLS Oriented Offer Page Examples

But Offer Pages Can Be for Any Promotion

Full Product Offer Page

Event Sign Up Offer Page

Website Display Ads

Digital Brick will design two display ads that match and link directly to your offer page. The main type will be a mid content ad placed on our articles and videos posted to the VRS website. The secondary type of ad will displayed in the sidebar below the below the recent articles. 

Both of these ads will also be designed for desktop and mobile devices so you can be assured your ad will always be seen the way it should regardless of if a user is on their phone, laptop, or tablet.

We guarantee placement for the mid-content ad on  a minimum of ten articles per month for the length of your 90 day campaign. With 50K+ website visitors you offer will be seen by all of our highly targeted web traffic.

Sponsored Videos

VRS creates a mix of pre-recorded and live streamed video content. Because we make video content for our fans based on the current sports season and the VOLS performance the exact ratio of sponsored videos (pre-recorded or live stream) can vary. We guarantee our ad partners a minimum of 5 sponsored video broadcasts per month for their entire 90 day campaign.

Your business and offer will be promoted and read by one of our VFL Team Members at the beginning, ending, and at 20 minute intervals for the entire broadcast or pre-recorded video. Our pre-recorded videos are posted to YouTube Facebook and Twitter, and our website. We live stream directly to YouTube & Facebook.

Lastly, a direct link to your offer is included in the description with all of our videos posted or live streamed to other platforms. Videos posted to our website include a mid-content display ad that links to your offer page.

Email List Blasts

During your 90-day campaign we will share 3 email blasts to our 1000’s of followers that is all about your offer with a direct link to your offer page, to ensure you have the most productive campaign possible.


Social Media Blasts

During your 90-day campaign we will share a direct link to your offer page three times. We will share the offer link across all of our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and to our tens of thousands of followers, to ensure you have the most productive campaign possible.

When we share a link to your offer page it will include a designed graphic designed by Digital Brick to match the look and feel of your brand and offer while including a call-to-action to get your offer maximum results and ROI (Return on Investment).



Want More Info?

Schedule a FREE call with our Ad Agency Partner, Digital Brick. They can answer any questions you may have and provide as much information as you may need including pricing. Simply click the button for available times.