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Can Georgia Fans Realistically Checker Neyland Stadium

by | Oct 4, 2019

No. They cannot. There’s no chance that enough people travel from Georgia to checker Neyland stadium. The Bulldogs would need a minimum of 60,000 fans to make the trip and coordinate their colors. It’s likely that Georgia fans will travel well. But to think that they can coordinate anything resembling a checkering of red and black is just not feasible. Will we see a peppering of red and black mixed into the crowd? Possibly. But as much as Georgia is trying to troll Vol fans, the opposite is most likely to occur. The attempt to disrespect the Tennessee fan base is more likely to backfire than succeed. 

Perhaps Georgia will fill four or five sections of the stadium. That’s a really good turnout for any visiting fan base. But, to think that four or five sections alternating colors will have any visual appeal is asinine. Save yourselves the effort Georgia fans, it ain’t happening.

Josh Griffin

Josh Griffin

Senior Writer

Attended Walters State Community College and the University of Tennessee. He enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids.
Writing career started in 2013 at and Yahoo sports. Appearances on: The All Vol Call-In Show, SB Nation Radio, WNML 

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