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DB Commitment, Art Green, discusses ‘electric atmosphere’ on Rocky Top with family

by | Oct 28, 2019

Art Green is one of the most touted Junior College prospects in America, and the elite cornerback has been pledged to Tennessee since May 13th of this year. Green returned to Rocky Top for the first time since he committed for the Vols 41-21 victory over South Carolina on Saturday night. This trip was different as Green brought his family along for the official visit. The Hutchinson C.C. standout breaks down the trip here.

Green made the trip for his first game day experience on Rocky Top, and he said of this, “it was great to just feel that electricity in the air, seeing all the fans before the game. It was very eye-opening to see how passionate the fans are.”

Green made the trip to Knoxville with his family, and they too enjoyed the visit. Green said of this, “they loved everything about it. They loved the place, they loved the coaches, and everything about what Tennessee has to offer.”

Green went on to say, “that is something that is very important to me. It makes me happy.”

Another thing that caught Green’s attention was the play of the defense, and how they bounced back from South Carolina’s opening play 75-yard touchdown. He is already looking forward to being a part of the secondary next season. He said, “I look forward to it a lot. I mean knowing coach Ansley and how he is, I knew he was not going to let that first play of the game predict how the game was going to go. It is a whole game. I knew we would have more opportunities to score and play more defense. I knew they were going to keep everybody calm and keep playing.”

Green plays Junior College football on Saturdays at Hutchinson C.C. (KS), which makes it hard for him to take visits and tune in to games on Saturdays. He did see the Vols rough start unfold, though. Green said of staying committed through this, “for me it was just knowing their plan. I mean you have to start somewhere. Coach Ansley and Pruitt are just trying to turn the program around, and they have to start somewhere. As long as they have a plan for me, and I can help this team be better, then I will do it. That is what I am looking for.”

Green said of other visits, “I do not have any setup right now. I am set in stone with Tennessee.”

Green said of another school having a chance to flip him, “it would take a lot. I mean Coach Os (Osovet), Coach Ansley, Coach Pruitt, and me are all pretty close after talking for so long. Yeah, it would really take a lot.”

Green is ready to get on Rocky Top and make an immediate impact. He said, of what he thinks could be his biggest obstacle in the transition, “I think my biggest obstacle right now is staying in shape after the football season is over and getting ready to come to Tennessee.”

Green is the Nation’s No. 2 Junior College prospect and the No. 1 Junior college cornerback for 2020, according to Rivals.

Matt Ray

Matt Ray

Recruiting Analyst

Matt Ray is the managing content editor for VR2. He founded VR2 in November of 2017. He is an FWAA Member and covers Tennessee prospects across the country from the Opening Regional Camp series to Under Armour All-American game and everything in between.

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