Impact Analysis: What does Kyree Miller bring to the table for Tennessee

by | Nov 5, 2019

Miller is a difficult prospect to project to the next level. At 6’4″ 370 lbs. Miller is a mountain of a human being. He plays for West Mesquite High School in Texas, which means he plays against pretty sold competition each week. Even then, Miller is enormous compared to the players lining up across from him. Because of that size, there are times he just physically dominates the player across from him. As an interior lineman, Miller just towers over most of the defensive linemen across from him. The results are what you would expect when he gets his hands on smaller linemen, but Miller is more than big, he shows good technique, especially run blocking. Miller plays with a good pad level in the run game. He gets low, gets his hands inside a defensive tackle’s shoulders, and then takes them for a ride. Miller shows on film that he can drive defensive linemen like a blocking sled multiple times in a game, usually finishing them off around 8-10 yards downfield.

Beyond his size, Miller is blessed with exceptional strength. Some offensive linemen succeed based solely on size, and that looks one way on film. Others, like Miller, have that size but also excellent strength to go with it. Miller gets himself low, and for big linemen, that or creating a single step is enough. Linemen with strength, like Miller, do more than just stop a lineman, they drive them back. Miller manhandles opposing defensive linemen in a way that requires strength. He can turn and plant large defensive tackles, usually after pushing them into the secondary. Miller also drives his feet once he is engaged with a defensive tackle, his leverage and strength making it look like practice on the sled.

For all his strengths, Miller will have to make some adjustments at the next level. First, he will have to drop weight from his current 370 pounds, though not as much as some may expect. Looking at this film, Miller could be an asset to Tennessee at weight as high as 340 to even 350. He moves well for his size, but dropping the weight should help his conditioning and allow him to utilize the athleticism that flashes at times on his film. Miller will also need to focus on improving his feet in pass protection, something else that a weight drop will help. Miller has sound technique, better than most lineman at his size, but being lighter will allow him to utilize it more, particularly in pass protection.

Still, while Miller has room to improve, and will certainly be a project for Craig Fitzgerald in terms of both shedding weight and developing his already impressive strength, he can make an early impact for the Vols. Miller has rare strength and very good technique in the run game. As a guard, he can operate in a small area, not exposed out in space. In that phone booth, Miller is a mauler that drives defenders down the field and into the turf. He has the attitude that you want in a hard-nosed, tough, road grader type guard. This is a physically imposing young man that can make highlight-reel blocks and become an absolute force in the running game.

Brandon Martin

Brandon Martin

Senior Recruiting Analyst

Brandon Martin is from the mountains of southeast Tennessee, a proud alumnus of ETSU, and has ended up living in Nashville after stints in Memphis and the Tri-Cities.

Football season takes him all over the Southeast, covering games in the Nashville-Middle Tennessee region, East Tennessee, Memphis-West Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, and Virginia. He covers all things UT with a focus on Recruiting and Tennessee Basketball. If you see him at a game, please, come say hello.

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