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Kelly Bryant Injured; How Does it Affect UT?

by | Aug 6, 2019 | VOL Articles

Missouri starting QB, Kelly Bryant slammed into the ground during practice after a collision involving another teammate. Bryant was unable to walk off the field on his own, leading to much speculation and worry from Missouri fans as they hope for the best.

Barry Odom downplayed the injury in a press conference saying, “Kelly (Bryant) went down for a little bit with a hamstring sprain.. It looks like they’ll be ready to go.” It is not uncommon for coaches to downplay injuries especially in this kind of situation with your star player. However, it is important to realize we have a lack of information at the time, so speculate at your own discretion.

But how does this all relate back to Tennessee? Well the Volunteers meet Missouri in Columbia on November 23rd, so it is likely that even Bryant misses a game or two, he’ll be back for the Tennessee game. However, injuries can stay with a player even after they recover. Kelly Bryant will remember the pain he felt when this occurred, and he may be slow to scramble the ball now. It may also be worth noting that it may affect his mobility physically, it is not rare for a player’s mobility to still be affected long after a recovery from an injury.

In the end, you hate to see the news about Bryant’s injury it is one of the worst things about sports. But athletics are unpredictable, and another surprise just struck the college football world.


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