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Pruitt Names Maurer Starter For Mississippi State Game

Oct 9, 2019 | Tennessee Volunteers Analysis, VOL Articles, VOL Football 2019

KNOXVILLE, TENN– Jeremy Pruitt has finally made it official; Brian Maurer will continue to be the starter for Saturday’s massive match-up against the Mississippi State Bulldogs. While it comes as no surprise to see Maurer win the job at the quarterback position, it serves as a massive surprise that Jeremy Pruitt announced it when he didn’t have to. Pruitt is the kind of coach that wants to avoid giving information to the media, and to the opponent, as much as possible so it seems a little bit out of the ordinary for Pruitt to announce this kind of news on a Wednesday afternoon.

As for the move itself, it serves as confirmation to what many believed to already know. On Monday we at Volunteer Roadshow reported that Maurer was likely going to be the starter following Jeremy Pruitt saying, “He would have to have a bad week of practice not to start,” at his Monday Morning press conference. Essentially, it was clear that Maurer was going to be the starter from the get-go as Pruitt had implied it on multiple occasions. As for what you should expect out of Brian Maurer, he should have a much easier task than he did one week ago when he was announced as the starter for the game against Georgia, so you may see him lead his team to a victory against a much weaker opponent. Maurer went 14 of 28 for 259 yards and 2 touchdowns in the Vols’ 43-14 loss to the Dawgs, and you could see an even more impressive stat line against MSU on Saturday.

To conclude we’ll leave you with this, Tennessee Football is at another crossroads, the future of Tennessee Football lies on the shoulders of Brian Maurer; let’s see what he’s got.

Luke A. Thomas

Luke A. Thomas

Senior Writer

Luke was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and grew up with a passion for SEC Football.

His career in journalism started in 2016 when he covered his hometown MTSU Blue Raiders. He would later go on to cover the local Vanderbilt Commodores before he would begin covering the Volunteers. He wrote for SBNation, covering UT Athletics before joining Volunteer Roadshow in May of 2019. At Volunteer Roadshow he covers all things Tennessee, with a focus on UT Football and Basketball.

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