BREAKING: SEC Suspends Jennings for First Half of Vols’ Bowl Game

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Reporting | 11 comments

Jauan Jennings will go down as one of the most beloved players in modern Tennessee history. Unfortunately, that beloved player has just been suspended for the first half of the Vols’ upcoming bowl game because of an event that occurred during the Vols’ 28-10 blowout victory over Vanderbilt.

If you are not familiar with the incident, the play in-question occurred with roughly 3 minutes left in the match-up. Tennessee was simply trying to run out the clock when they punted it back to Vanderbilt, Vandy’s punt returner, Justice Shelton-Mosley, attempted to return the Vols’ punt but was met by Jauan Jennings on the sideline as he got rocked by the senior. Due to the wet field, Shelton-Mosley continued to slip into Tennessee’s bench as his helmet popped off. This was when Jauan Jennings, who was visibly excited, popped up to celebrate. Unfortunately, when Jennings attempted to get up his cleat met the face of Shelton-Mosley as both teams’ tempers flared.

You can judge for yourself whether Jennings meant to stomp on the face of Justice Shelton-Mosley but the opinion of most is that it is impossible to tell whether or not Jennings’ actions were intentional. When Jennings got up he was looking away from Mosley, therefore it was thought that it would be very unlikely that the SEC would take action. However, what’s done is done, and the SEC has already ruled on the matter. Even if the ruling seems absurd it doesn’t change the fact that Tennessee will not have their leader for the first half of Tennessee’s bowl match-up, whether it’s fair or not.

Jennings will be allowed to play in the second half of his final game at Tennessee unless the SEC has a sudden change of heart, which seems to be a very, very slim chance. The Volunteers will find out what their bowl destination will be this Sunday following the conclusion of the conference championship games. If any additional details on this story emerge, this article will be updated to reflect them.



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