The Sinister Story of Sarah Walker

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Everyone knows the all-too-familiar story outline, someone falls in love with an individual that they’ve met over the internet and it ends in the worst possible scenario. Unfortunately, a story like this has occurred in our community over the last few weeks that we would like for you to be aware of.

It all started off as a perfectly normal Sunday evening for YouTube sensation Keith Ricker — also known as “BigVolDaddy,” — but little did he know, the events that were about to happen on his live YouTube show would haunt him for months.

As Ricker started streaming his weekly show — which focuses on the current events of the University of Tennessee and Greeneville High School football programs — he noticed a seemingly new individual in his YouTube “live chat.” You see, Ricker’s show usually attracted the same twenty or so people each week, but today a young female by the name of Sarah Walker was watching his show.

Walker, who claimed to be 22 and loved long hikes in the mountains, watched the entire 2-hour show, and at the end, instructed Ricker to email her at the address she provided in the comment section. Ricker decided to follow the instructions of the young female, but that was a decision that he would soon come to regret.

Over the next few weeks, Ricker would get to know Walker, and he even made her a moderator on his show. However, one thing smelled very fishy to both Ricker and his best friend, Bobby McGraw. Walker would never call-in to the show, or call Ricker on her own. The only way she wanted to communicate with him was through email or text messages on what we now believe to be a burner phone.

McGraw grew very suspicious of the Walker character and when he decided to launch a personal investigation into the matter, he was stunned to find what he did. Walker’s profile picture on YouTube was from an Adult Website; the identity of Sarah Walker did not exist, she was not a real person.

So, who is Sarah Walker? The question is currently unanswered, but Mr. McGraw claims that he is still working tirelessly to gain answers to the mystery, while Ricker is left with no other choice but to wait.

One thing is clear, whoever did this is a criminal genius who knows their way around the internet; it may be impossible to catch them.


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