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The Volunteer Roadshow Staff Predicts Tennessee’s Season

Aug 26, 2019 | VOL Articles, VOL Football 2019

The time that Vol fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. It is finally game week. Saturday the Volunteers will be kicking-off against Georgia State in Neyland Stadium, to officially begin the season. With Tennessee’s off-season nearing the end, our staff has decided to go on the record with their official predictions right before kick-off.


Bobby C. McGraw: 8-4

Founder, Owner, and Host of the Volunteer Roadshow

Bobby is predicting a major improvement for the Volunteers in 2019. With the addition of both Jim Chaney and Derrick Ansley, Catfish is predicting the Volunteers will finish at 8-4 and head to their first bowl game since 2016. With the Vols only losses coming to Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Missouri, Bobby couldn’t be more excited for the season to arrive. The brains behind the Volunteer Roadshow is playing it safe with 8-4, but some of our other staff members went a little more outside the box.


Billy Ratliff: 10-2

Former Tennessee DT, Owner, and Host of the Volunteer Roadshow.

Everyone’s favorite number 40 is going with a shocking 10 win season for Tennessee. The former Volunteer DT has his team finishing with losses to only Alabama and Mississippi State. Billy is one of our most optimistic staff members, and he is overcome with joy to see football season finally get here. He still thinks it will take a few more recruiting cycles for Tennessee to get back to the level they were at when he was in Knoxville, but for now he’s more than happy with a 10 win season and a top tier bowl game. If Billy’s prediction proves to be true, Tennessee would beat Florida and Georgia for the second time since 2004. Billy’s prediction is by far the most outside the box prediction of our staff, and we would all be ecstatic to see him be right.


Josh Griffin: 9-3

Editor for the Volunteer Roadshow and Co-Host of “Sunday On The Hill.”

Josh is one of the more optimistic members of the staff as he is predicting 9-3. The 3 losses will come from Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri, and the season will include a huge upset victory over the Florida Gators. Tennessee is going to improve heavily in 2019, and they will sweep the games most are labeling as tossups (Mississippi State, South Carolina, and Kentucky.) Josh thinks 9 wins is very realistic, and he thinks if Tennessee can improve they could win upwards to 10 games.


Luke A. Thomas: 8-4

Staff Writer for the Volunteer Roadshow and Co-Host of “Sunday On The Hill.”

Luke is going with an 8 win season for the Vols. He believes that a bowl game would be a big step in the right direction for Tennessee, and wins over rivals South Carolina and Vandy will help reestablish the culture at Tennessee. Luke thinks that the Vols will have losses to Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Missouri. He also is a big believer in the Offensive Line. He thinks that the new talent from last year’s recruiting class could turn some heads his season. He is optimistic about Jeremy Pruitt and the staff he is building in Knoxville.


Keith Ricker: 8-4

Columnist for the Roadshow Locker Room.

Everyone’s favorite outspoken VFL is taking a break from his optimistic view points and sticking with an 8 win season. He went back and forth between 8 and 7 wins, but in the end chose 8 with losses to Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Missouri. He thinks the o-line will struggle and that Guarantano will have trouble getting the ball out of his hands. Regardless, he is optimistic about the direction of the program and is excited for a bowl game.


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