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VRS Staff Predictions: Tennessee vs Alabama

by | Oct 18, 2019

Tomorrow night at 9:00ET, Tennessee and Alabama will meet for the annual Third Saturday in October rivalry. Will Alabama cover the spread? Will Tennessee be able to take advantage of Alabama’s uncharacteristic weaknesses on defense? Can the Vols do the unthinkable? Here are our picks.

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Bobby C. McGraw: 42-20 Alabama

I’ll keep this short and sweet. The unfortunate truth in today’s college football world is that Alabama is a better program than Tennessee right now; that is self evident. However, one thing I will say is that I don’t see anyway Alabama covered the spread, give me the Vols in the points.

Billy Ratliff: Alabama 41, Tennessee 20

Tennessee just doesn’t have enough talent and depth to beat Bama, it’s as simple as that. Now in the next few years after our recruiting picks up, things may change.

Josh Griffin: Alabama 38, Tennessee 17

Tennessee’s offense for the matchup against Alabama is a big question mark, so it’s hard to predict what they will be able to do. Alabama, on the other hand, is unquestionably efficient on both sides of the ball. Tennessee’s defense can hold them for the first half to a score or two if they continue on the uptrend, but depth will become a factor late in the game.

Luke Thomas: Alabama 42, Tennessee 28

Tennessee isn’t winning this game, they don’t have the talent to keep up with Alabama, that’s something that most people already know. However, I do think the Vols will put up some points on Alabama. It appears that Brian Maurer will get the start and since the Tide’s defense is down by their standards it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see UT to put up some points on the board. However, I see literally no scenario where they win the game.


Matt Ray: Alabama 52, Tennessee 17

Jeremy Pruitt was correct in saying the Tide have to slow down at times to prevent scoring 100 points. They won’t have much trouble getting to half of that number either. Look for Tennessee to play on a more conservative level and Alabama to try to establish their run game more for the season ending stretch of games they have coming up. So this one may not get as out of hand as I am predicting but if the Vols have some offensive success the air raid will surely ensue. At the end of the day, Tennessee will not have the depth or experience to keep up.

Brandon Martin: Alabama 56, Tennessee 10

I hate Alabama with every fiber of my being. I don’t drink. I’m afraid I may have to polish off a handle of Jack to make it to halftime.

Dale Dowden: Alabama 45, Tennessee 17

With all the questions about who is going to start at QB and who may or may not play, it is hard to gauge what to really expect offensively. Brian and Jarrett both executed fairly well last week when it was their turn at the reigns. The offense does have a pulse and will be interesting to see how they match up with yet again another solid defense of Alabama. At the end of the day, Alabama is still ahead of Tennessee in a few areas with depth and experience being the main ones.

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